Meet the Host

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

In case we haven't met, I’m Nerissa, a fluid artist with a passion for making art accessible for everyone and the creator over at

I created this summit to help fluid artists of all levels achieve their goals in less time. Whether that's getting started, improving your skills, finding your style, selling your work, etc, I want you to be successful and enjoy creating your art.

I can't wait to for you to see what all is in store.  But for now, on to your amazing speakers!

Meet the Speakers

Megan Sullivan

It all started with a 15 second video on Pinterest. Someone pulling a string over a canvas and revealing the most magical display of colors that swished across the screen. My only thought was...


I spent the next 7 hours watching video after video of what is known as Pour Art or Fluid Art. Then off to the store I went to get EVERYTHING I thought you needed to make this art.

I became quickly frustrated that most of these videos just showed you parts of the pour (and usually at 2x + 3x speeds) and I wanted DETAILS! The EXACT step you take to achieve a great outcome.

So I set out on a mission to learn everything I could, to study how each technique was done and watch the paint dry to fully understand the best methods of application.

And now I want to share these lessons with YOU!

Amanda DiNovo

Amanda DiNovo is the Owner/Crafter at Manda Panda Projects and a creative at heart. She is passionate about getting women out of the Inspiration Loop and into the craft room by taking the overwhelm out of crafting with unique, fun, and easy projects that can be done on a budget.

Steve Chase

As a child I was tutored in oil painting by a professional teacher. Even though I did not pursue art as a career or even a hobby I have always had an appreciation for style, depth and vivid colors. The older I got the more I became enamored with modern art. Visiting museums and the advent of the internet intensified my exposure to it.

In 2017, I became particularly interested in fluid art and cell structures and the processes utilized to create this type of painting. On a whim I decided to give it a shot and before I knew it I was elbows deep in paint and canvases.

So even after a 60-year absence I still remember lessons learned from Miss Causley. I never fully appreciated the impact she had on my life..but she most certainly did....not just in mechanics or color theory but the pure joy of creating art...the future looks bright...and colorful!

Kassy Laurence

My name is Kassy and I have been creating my entire life. I am an artist, photographer, and crafter of many things. I love to use everyday objects in new and exciting ways. Let's turn the process on its head and find a new way to do things. Creativity is good for the soul and I believe there is room for it in everyone’s life. Kassy's Parlour's mission is to inspire others to find their creative voice and help build confidence.

Sara Taylor

I was born and raised in Colorado, in the mountains by a loving family. I fell in love with art at an early age. When I have a creative idea it comes fast, and can barely rest until it's executed. I have experimented with watercolor and acrylic through my teens and adulthood, having spurts of inspiration. Always envisioning creating a large collection of work.

It wasn't until the renovation of our family home in Sandpoint Idaho that I discovered fluid art! I designed our home interior, leaving me flooded with inspiration, I set out to create a large dramatic piece for our master bedroom. At last having a large work space, and moments of free time the journey had just begun.

I'm also passionate about my family, my three daughters, my amazing husband, yoga, and food!

I enjoy commission art, being inspired by your personal space and style. Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing a piece, or would like to schedule a free commission consultation.

My aesthetic is what I love, I hope you love it too.

Sillie Mugo

Sillie is a Corporate Dropout turned full time Artist, and the founder of Content Boss Academy, where she teaches Creatives how to turn their hobby into a thriving online business using Instagram.

Sillie’s Art has been collected across the world, and featured in National Retailers like HomeGoods.

Melissa Kidd

Melissa Kidd is the founder of Pretty Delightful and an all-around gift-giving guru. She is passionate about helping others fuel their relationships through the love language of gift-giving and saving them valuable time and money in the process.

Emilee Anderson

Emilee Anderson is a DIY blogger on a mission to empower women to pick up power tools and dive into DIY. She has led countless beginners through their very first woodworking projects and continues to offer support for every project after. She shares her DIY projects and expertise on her website, Mama Needs a Project.

Gail Burstyn

I was introduced to fluid, art not quite 2 years ago. I had been recovering from a fall and stuck in a wheelchair.. One day I came across a video of a funnel pour on YouTube and could not stop watching the magnificent reaction of the paints as they flowed across the canvas.

Oh my.. what kind of magic was this?

I continued to research and found quite a few videos showing different techniques to create different results. I was fascinated.

I had never drawn or painted in my life. I had learned about composition, colour and patterns through my career in photography. But I was captured by this beauty.
I gathered up supplies.. studied hundreds of hours of YT to learn about the process. I attended a small workshop locally and made my first two paintings.

That was it. I had to do this.

Now, it did not go well at first.. I just could not get what I wanted.. My consistencies were not right and nothing worked. NOTHING... for months...

I continued to study, experiment and finally.... it started to work.

I then rocketed off to experimenting and creating unique work. I had taken what I had learned and began to make it my own.

This is what I call finding your own unique signature, your own voice.
What i would like to do is to encourage you to explore your own artistic voice,
Learn the basics but create work that is unique.. like a fingerprint.

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