Muddy to Masterpiece Masterclass

Avoid those muddy messes and produce beautiful masterpieces!

Waste less time researching and spend more time actually painting!

Stop feeling frustrated and disappointed at the end of painting and start feeling proud of your work!


  • Knowing before you start pouring that you're going to love the result.
  • Feeling so proud of your work that you are beyond excited to give your paintings away as gifts.
  • Looking forward to your painting time as a relaxing experience.
  • Wasting less time watching YouTube tutorials and spending more time actually painting.

Get Predictable Results

The Muddy to Masterpiece Masterclass will give you a framework of science and fine art so that you can get the predictably beautiful results you've always wanted.

Feel Confident while Painting

By working through the color mixing worksheet, you will feel comfortable and confident working with your paints, knowing what your colors can do ahead of time.

Enjoy Your Painting Time

With the Muddy to Masterpiece Masterclass as your foundation, you can stop worrying about the outcome of your painting time and start enjoying the process again!

Say "No" to Waste

With the concepts you learn in the Muddy to Masterpiece Masterclass, you'll be able to keep more paintings and make the most of your supplies.

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What's in the Muddy to Masterpiece Masterclass?

screenshot for module 1


Module 1:  Color Selection as a Cause of Muddiness

In Module 1, you'll cover all things color when it comes to acrylic pouring, from color basics all the way to how to combine colors in your paintings to maximize your success.


Module 2:  Consistency as a Cause of Muddiness

In Module 2, you'll learn all of the ways that consistency can cause muddiness in your paintings.

screenshot of module 2
screenshot of module 3


Module 3:  Movement as a Cause of Muddiness

In Module 3, you learn all about movement, the sources of it, and how to avoid unwanted movement that can cause your painting to be muddy.


Bonus 1
How to Mix Any Color of Paint Reference Sheet

Stop collecting every color of paint and start mixing any color you want, just from the primary colors and magenta.  

With these four colors and this worksheet, you have everything you need to create any color you want.

Bonus 2
Color Mixing Worksheet + VIDEO WALK-THROUGH

Find out exactly what your colors will look like in your acrylic pour painting AHEAD OF TIME.

And you don't have to do it alone!  Follow right along with me and my video walk-through.

Bonus 3
Acrylic Paint Density Cheat Sheet

One of the most important parts of being successful with acrylic pouring is knowing the density of your paints.

And it's REALLY EASY with this cheat sheet.

Bonus 4
What does each color mean? Reference Sheet

Have some fun with color meanings and bring a whole other layer of meaning and complexity to your paintings, making them stand out!

About the Creator at Homebody Hall
Nerissa Hall

I'm a wife, a momma, and an artist!  

Having always loved art and having taken MANY art classes through the years, when I became a momma, my art went on the backburner...until I found and fell in love with acrylic pouring!

Now, my mission at Homebody Hall is to make beautiful art accessible for everyone by sharing my art and my processes.

I take what I've learned in art classes and in my time working in college science labs and apply those concepts to acrylic pouring to work toward helping you get consistent, beautiful results!

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Stop wasting supplies and start getting consistent results!

  • Stop wasting money on paint and canvases that don't turn out right!
  • Stop wasting time with trial and error!
  • Make painting easy and stop missing out on your relaxation time!
  • Start giving great gifts that you're proud of!

The Muddy to Masterpiece Masterclass is for you if...

  • You're just starting out and want to learn about avoiding muddy painting quickly and easily
  • You want a solid foundation for your pouring style
  • You want consistently beautiful results
  • You want to learn how to apply fine art principles and science to your acrylic pouring
  • You want to know more about color theory and how to mix colors

The Muddy to Masterpiece Masterclass is NOT for you if...

  • You don't need help with muddy paintings
  • You have tons of time to figure out the ins and outs of avoiding muddy paintings
  • You know all about fine art principles and how to apply them to your paintings
  • You've got the science part of acrylic pouring down pat
  • All of your paintings turn out gorgeously

Smart Questions Artists Ask before Getting their Login Details

What if I need more help or have questions?

You can bring all of your questions about the course to the private Facebook group and have them answered by Nerissa. You can even get feedback on pieces and ask questions about pieces that you're planning.

Will this course teach me how to do an acrylic pour?

No, this course is about how to avoid muddy paintings.

How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have lifetime access to the course plus access to any updates or additions in the future.

How do I access the course?

Once you enroll, you'll be sent an email with your username and password and a link to the Homebody Hall Course Hub, where you can immediately log in and get to work.

Do I need certain supplies for the course?

No special supplies needed!  This course meets you where you're at and will help you make the best paintings you possibly can given whatever supplies you may be using.

Will this course teach me about different acrylic pouring styles?

No, this course is about principles that you can apply to any style (ie Dutch pour, flip-cup, etc.)

How do I access the bonuses?

All of the bonus resources are easily accessible within the course.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the product, no refunds will be processed.

Create More Easily!

I want you to be able to create as much beautiful art as you want to, effortlessly!  I am really excited to share these concepts that I have put together to build a solid framework for your acrylic pouring adventures!

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