If you’ve ever bought five tubes of the same color of paint because you keep forgetting that you bought it last time you were at the craft store, keep scrolling…

Do you have:

  • 32 paint cups full of mixed paint that you’re *pretty sure* you remember the names of?
  • A stack of canvases in the corner with no rhyme or reason and no idea what you did to achieve said results (especially the ones that you really like)?
  • No clue how much you spent on supplies on that painting you’re trying to sell and therefore no idea how much to charge to even just recoup your expenses?

Believe me, I get it. You get a great idea and just run with the inspiration. You’re having so much fun, who can blame you for not stopping to write things down?

That’s why you need an easy done-for-you system that you can use to get all your colorfully poured ducks in a row without eating into your painting time.

That’s where the Acrylic Pouring Supply and Painting Inventory System comes in.

Printable Supply Inventory Sheets

If you're more of a pen-and-paper person, there's a simplified printable version of the inventory sheets so that you can know exactly what supplies you have and what you need more of.

Supply Inventory Spreadsheet

Use the Supply Inventory Spreadsheet and stop buying the same supplies over and over or running out of what you need just when you're wanting to paint. Even access it on-the-go from your phone on the Google Drive app.

Even has places to track your expenses and profits if you're selling your work, all in one handy place.

Predictable Painting Inventory Sheet

Keep track of how you produce each painting so that you can hone your style and figure out what works and what doesn't. Keep it in a file or tape it to the back of the painting.

Printable Paint Cup Labels

Keep track of what paint you've got mixed easily with these mixed paint labels so that you know exactly what's what, no more wondering what's in your plethora of paint cups.

  • Templates for 2x4-inch adhesive labels, also can be printed on cardstock/printer paper and used with badge holders
  • Templates for 1x2 5/8-inch adhesive labels for smaller cups.

*This is a digital product, no physical goods will be delivered. All items are printable and/or digital.*

Imagine feeling so relaxed every time you go to paint, knowing that you have the supplies you need and a record of what works and what doesn’t.

Sounds awesome, right?!

The Acrylic Pouring Supply and Painting Inventory System

  • Printable Supply Inventory Sheets
  • Supply Inventory Spreadsheet
  • Printable Paint Cup Labels
  • Predictable Painting Inventory Sheet


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