Can we get real for a second my fellow free-spirited creator?

If I took a peak in your painting area, would I find:

  • a stack of canvases where you're just trying every color combo you can think of, but nothing that really sings
  • 100 tubes of paint, but not that one color you actually need today
  • Or a million bookmarks on your browser for all the references you want to use during pouring?

It’s not that you’re not trying.

You’ve bought all the supplies, done all the research (ahem...hours and hours of YouTube tutorials) and are working tirelessly on perfecting your technique.

In fact, I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault.

You see, very few people in the pouring world talk about the fine art principles and the science behind acrylic pouring, let alone documenting your process. 

You need a system for mixing and combining colors that’s not going to eat into your painting time and is going to get you better results.


The Acrylic Pouring Color Theory Mega Printable Pack

Keep the information you need to make beautiful art right at your fingertips!

The Acrylic Pouring Color Theory Mega Printable Pack Includes:

  • Acrylic Paint Density Cheat Sheet
  • What does each color mean?  Reference Sheet
  • How to Mix Any Color of Paint Guide
  • Color Mixing Worksheet and Instructions
  • Choosing Acrylic Pouring Colors Post PDF


Create More, Easily!

I want you to be able to create as much beautiful art as you want to, EFFORTLESSLY! 

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